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Title: Birthday Blow
Author: Tonya
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Warrick/Gil
Summary: Gil gets his birthday wish.
Category: Drabble
Disclaimer: Not mine!

“Happy Birthday, Baby.”

“Warrick, we're at work. No baby!

“Oh, come on. I got you a cake. Lighten up!

“Hmm, what kinda cake?”

“You're favorite. Vanilla cream with strawberries all over the top.”

“Sounds scrumptious.”

“Wanna bite?”

“We don't have any plates.”

“We don't need plates.”

“What do you suggest I eat it off of?”

“That's a loaded question. Do you really want me to answer it?”


“Well, if you insist.” Close your eyes and open your mouth, baby.”

“I hope you locked the door when you entered.”

“I got it covered. Now, open your mouth, close your eyes and you will get a big surprise.”

“Mm, that's good! Swirl some around your other nipple.”

“You seem to be enjoying this?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Can I have a bite?”

“Um, that depends on where you want to swirl it?”

“Oh, I know exactly where I want to swirl it.”

“What if someone comes knocking?”

“Tell them to go the fuck away!”

“I can do that. Swirl to your hearts content.”

“See, who says you can't have your cake and eat it to.”

“Ah God! I... I think I'm the one getting eaten! Jesus, that feels good! Fuck, oh Christ! Warrick!!! Baby, thats incredible!

“I thought you said no baby at work?”

“Shit, didn't anyone ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full?'

“Oops, sorry. I guess I'll finish what's on my plate.”

“Damn, ohmygod, thats.... thats, fuck! Yes, God yes!!!!!!!”

“Happy birthday!”

“Oh, God! You've got to let me return the favor?”

“You will. I've got another cake waiting for you at home, but we're gonna swirl it somewhere else. If you catch my drift?”

“Drift caught! Let's go! Happy birthday to me!!!!
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