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Title: Watching You Sleep
Author: Tonya
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Warrick/Jim
Summary; In the still of the night, Jim likes nothing better than to Watch Warrick sleep.
Category: drabble
Disclaimer: Alas, they are not mine, no harm intended. Please don’t sue.

A/N- this was inspired by Dave’s fic, My Prince Has Come. I hope you don’t mind?

Asleep, Warrick was almost as beautiful as he was when he was awake. The deep frown lines that creased his forehead would smooth away and he looked like an angel. His chest would rise and fall in long, soft breaths. His lashes always fluttered a bit when he would sigh and turn over, curling deeper into his pillow. On hot, dry nights, Warrick’s lips would part for his tongue, leaving a glossy shine.

Jim knew because he spent many a long hour studying the shadows that played across Warrick’s face or tracing the curve of his jaw with his fingers. Warrick would wake up sometimes, peering at Jim with sleep glazed green eyes and mumble, “Whatcha’ doing?”

Jim would shrug, lips curving into a hint of a smile, and say, “Just watching you sleep.”

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